Internal Training of Saigon Kiss Tours

Company founder teach compassion in tour guide job

Talks about the pain of travelers

For the past three years since Saigon Kiss Tours was founded, we’ve been growing together with the growth of the company.

The team of tour guides, drivers is an important part of Saigon Kiss Tours. Understanding that every tour guide is a cultural ambassador, the quarterly training is what we do to enhance the competence of our staff.

In this event, the founder of Saigon Kiss Tours also shares the vision and mission of Kiss Tours. All employees have a chance to hear about the women-empowerment mission of the company and understand why they do what they are doing.

Why #GirlPower? How Saigon Kiss Tours empowers women?

Founder: Some of my staff were shy and less confident before working officially for Saigon Kiss Tours. I accepted them to work because I saw the seeds inside their minds and hearts. As long as they speak good English and have a good attitude, we will put them in the trial tours then train them later. No one is born talents, we all learn along the way.

Female Drivers of Saigon Kiss Tours

Sharing about tour guide job

I started with the simple idea of following my passion for tourism while giving jobs to the local girls. What happened next is an inspiring journey. When the tours we design and organized are loved by travelers, the reputation is earned. What makes our female drivers love our company the most is what they learn from doing their job, not just money.

Compared to other countries in Asia, the gender equality in Vietnam is pretty optimistic. Vietnamese women keep high positions incorporates and has been proving their importance and contribution to society. We lift up young women and help them believe that they can do everything they want in life. #GirlPower is not about blaming or fighting since modern women have enough rights than ever. #GirlPower is more understanding about the power inside every young woman. We believe that if women receive the right support, they will become whoever they want to be.

What are you most proud of?

Founder: Watching young women strive in our company is a blessing for me. It has been three years since I built the first brick and my Kiss Tour team is what I’m proud of the most. We are a team of 40 young women from well-known universities, coming from all backgrounds and regions. For me, it’s definitely the greatest achievement to share with you today.

In the Vietnam travel industry, how Saigon Kiss Tours stands out?

Founder: Currently, we’re based in Ho Chi Minh City and that’s where we started. Even in this city, there’re competitors who operate similar tours at lower prices. Some even offer donation-based tours with hidden costs. I think it happens in every industry. The only thing we do is to keep growing fast but still maintain the high quality of the experiences we provide.

Street Food Tour Training

Talking about Vietnam Street Food Culture

Under the pressure of high competition, it’s easy to attract more customers using low price strategy or paying low salaries for employees. Here at Saigon Kiss Tours, we don’t compromise with the easy and shallow travel. While paying high for the employees we keep the quality of the services too.

What did employees learn from this internal training?

After the company training, our staffs achieve:

  • Commitment to empowering women in the travel industry.
  • More empathy and compassion towards travelers, understand, and feel the difficulties when traveling.
  • Going deeper into the history, culture, food of Vietnam.
  • Getting to know the food dietary of travelers with different health restrictions, religions.
Scooter Female Tour Guide

Sharing about common dietary requirements

Culinary Tourism of Saigon Kiss Tours

Very well explained!

During the training, we give all Saigon Kiss staff chances to know the struggles of those who traveling. We talk about solo travelers, couple travelers, family travelers; point out the differences and train our female drivers on how to handle each traveler type.

We also teach our staff to know the food dietary of each traveler. The food tour is popular among travelers. To guarantee the quality of Saigon Kiss Food Tour, we explain the differences in food standards in each religion, culture, and health restrictions. We help them understand and know the differences in food references, dietary, or restrictions. This is very important but I don’t see many tour operators teach their employees.

Women-led team in Vietnam

Kiss Tours = Vietnam Culture Ambassadors

The internal training is a must-do in our company culture. With great effort, Saigon Kiss Tours can provide the best experiences to travelers. It’s a mission we’re working on.

If you love what we are doing, check out some of our most-acclaimed experiences of Saigon Kiss Tours and book your seat to join the fun!

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