Who is Saigon Kiss Tours?

Saigon Kiss Tours is an award-winning travel company that provides daily tours, and tour packages in Vietnam. As the local insiders of our country, each of us is a cultural ambassador who connects our country to travelers from all over the world.

We’re an all-women team who ride the motorbikes and do tours in our vibrant Ho Chi Minh City. Founded by local women, creating jobs in tourism for the local young women is what we’re doing now. Booking with us means you’re supporting the local businesses while having the best quality travel experiences with the young and dynamic girl team.

female drivers with saigon kiss tours helmets

#GirlPower scooter rider of Kiss Tours

Who are the drivers, tour guides of Kiss Tours?

Not all drivers work full-time for Saigon Kiss Tours. Some drivers are still university students. During the daytime, they attend classes or work in the offices. A couple of days a week, drivers love taking guests on the back of our bikes when zipping through the local spots and tasting local food. Through the training to work in tourism, drivers of Saigon Kiss Tours are pretty chatty, fun-loving, and know our city like the back of our hands.

Why does the company have a lovely name with “Kiss”?

Well, there is a fun story behind it. Here in Vietnam, it’s common to see a burnt left on the inner calf of the right leg of the locals. Using scooters on a daily basic easily gives a burnt to people. Especially the local women who often favor skirts or dresses while riding on the back of the bike, where the exhaust engine is. Some locals have “Saigon Kiss” since we were young and the company founder is not an exception. We all love that mark so much that the phrase goes into our tour name.

What is the travel philosophy of Saigon Kiss Tours?

Traveling in big groups can fit in with the right people. But here we treasure the authenticity of all experiences than the number of guests we have. That’s why when you check our tours, most will be private and small groups. We believe that traveling should be fun, and engaging and have a bit sense of adventure.

The world knows enough about Vietnam through the lens of endless war and poverty, we want to modify that view. Together with the beautiful scenery, the food paradise, and the passionate youngsters, we push the country toward a new identity. Going beyond Pho and the Vietnam War, here we show you the best that this young country can offer. 

What is our mission?

To allow travelers to book authentic experiences and make social impacts at the same time, we work with three principles:

  • Engagement: Understanding that one size does not fit all, we embrace the individuality of the experiences. Instead of the big group with only one tour guide, here we put great effort into working one on one to make sure every single traveler can be heard and cared for. Besides the popular attractions, we carefully design the experiences that allow travelers to less accessible places to learn more in-depth about the local culture.
  • Empowerment: Through the selection and training, we give the young female locals chances to work in tourism. Compared to the other countries in the region,  gender equality in Vietnam is optimistic. The #GirlPower concept of Saigon Kiss Tours does not aim to fight for rights. Women empowerment is to make young women believe that they have the power inside to make their lives strive. Witnessing the transformation of our young guides is powerful.
  • Adventure-seeking: sounds like only for Millennials? Here we believe that whether you are a young traveler, Millenial, Gen X, or a Baby Boomer; the experiences should be fun and relaxing. We all have the inner child in each of us that’s why we want to make it fun and have a sense of adventure for each of our experiences.

What experiences do we provide?

  • Daily tours, including Half Day City Tour, Shopping Spree Tour, Night Tour, Culinary Tour
  • Food Tour by Scooters which is the most acclaimed food tour, rated by the Tripadvisor community
  • Walking Street Food Tour
  • Vegan Food Tour
  • Cu Chi Tunnel Half-Day Tour
  • Mekong Delta Half-Day Tour
  • Cu Chi Tunnel & Mekong Delta 1-Day Tour

Kiss Tour is our new brand name and it will gradually replace Saigon Kiss Tours in the future. We invite you to explore our new website and discover all the exciting updates we have in store for you. You can visit our new website at kisstour.com to find out more about our tours and packages.

Welcome to the future of our online presence – Kiss Tour!

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