What is the difference between the Evening Food Tour, Half Day City Tour & Saigon By Night Tour?

All Saigon Kiss Tours are half-day tours or 1-day tours, which means all experiences are 3,5; 4 or 7 hours. We have a Half Day City Tour that you can choose in the morning (from 8:30 am, 9 am) or in the afternoon (from 1 pm or 1:30 pm). This day trip goes beyond the tourist attractions and help you feel the local lives, the real one. We will visit different districts of the city, explore the hidden gems, and finish with a meal. You can visit the popular landmarks in District 1 like Saigon Post Office, Cathedral, and Independence Palace on our own since it’s popular and close to each other. Understanding that, our day tour offers a more authentic and local experience. But it can also be customized to fit your references.

If you are available at night, here comes the nightlife and local food, don’t miss it! If are a food lover, we strongly recommend our Food Tour, which starts at 5:30 pm from your hotel and finishes after 4 hours. For those who just want to fill your belly with a bit of street food and explore the local nightlife, the Saigon By Night tour (from 6:00 pm) will suit you. Both tours come with food & beverages but the Saigon By Night is with street food and the Night Food Adventures is with a variety of local food and food is, of course, the main theme.

Each tour offers something different while the areas that we visit will normally all non-touristy so that you can see and feel how the local lives really are.

If you are looking to book multiple tours, an example would be:

  • Half-Day City Tour and Evening Food Tour on the same day or different day. This would give you the chance to have two very different experiences of Vietnamese Culture and Food.
  • Half Day City Tour and Saigon By Night Tour to experience the best of the city’s heartbeat. We have many guests who did multiple tours with us and said that they had the best the city can offer within two tours.

Is it safe to do the motorbike tour in Vietnam? Can I drive the motorbike by myself?

Well, we totally guarantee that it’s safe. Before working for Saigon Kiss Tours, all of our drivers have to go through an interview, a motorbike driving test then strict training not only about the tours to make sure all of our girls are trustworthy drivers and great local Vietnamese friends who can be with you during the tour.

And sorry that you can not drive the motorbike by yourself. In Saigon Kiss Tours, we have private drivers for each of you.

What if it rains?

Yes, we have done many tours under the rain before, and dear Lord, beyond my expectation, our customers sent us feedback that doing the tour with a little rain added a new experience they can see the city from totally new perspectives.

Saigon Kiss drivers prepare the rain ponchos for you and they are the local experts in giving you the funniest local experience in different weather.

We encourage guests to make the most of their time and go out for fun when traveling. The rain won’t stop us from enjoying the tour, but it’s all about your choice, just let us know in case you can join the tour with us.

I travel with my kids. Is Saigon Kiss Motorbike Tours kid-friendly?

Yes, we have done many tours with kids before. When being notified of the kids, we prepare smaller helmets to fit their heads comfortably and securely. Our drivers are made aware that they will be driving a child ahead of time and we specifically place certain drivers with our children’s passengers.

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Kid-friendly motorbike food tour

family friendly tour in vietnam scooter moped bike tour ho chi minh city food after dark vespa adventures back of the bikes street food tour traveling with family

Happy young travelers

Here in Saigon Kiss Tours, our drivers genuinely love kids. If your child is over 7 years old he will need to ride with a driver by himself because of their size. Otherwise, he sits between you and your driver. The decision is up to you. Just let us know so that we can arrange the number of drivers for your family.

I have food allergy/restriction issues. Can I do the Foodie tour?

Yes, just notify us before the tour. We are happy to accommodate you. We provide the Vegan Food Tour and also accommodate food requests like gluten-free, dairy-free, and Halal food.

Is there a weight limit?

No one can stop you from doing this adventure as it’s fun. But please inform us if you are over 120 kilos so that we can arrange to have one of our drivers who has a larger bike and she will be the strongest girl in our Saigon Kiss team.

How to wear appropriately for the tour?

Comfortable clothes are perfect for motorbike adventure. And ladies, we don’t want to upset you but please don’t wear expensive jewelry. A phone or camera that fits your pocket is okay for some photo memories.

Why Saigon Kiss? Can we kiss the girls?

NO. Saigon Kiss is slang that literally means a burn on the lower thigh caused by the hot exhaust of a Vietnamese motorbike. The founder of Saigon Kiss has one Saigon Kiss on her leg and she wants to tell that story and put that into the tour concept. Many Vietnamese have Saigon Kiss too.

The Saigon Kiss Girls behave appropriately with men and on our policies, male customers put their hands on the handle at the back of our motorbikes. Female customers can hold the waist of the girls and all of this will be told before each of our tours. We are a professional tour operator

Can I cancel the tour?

Yes, you can. In the travel planning process, things might go a bit differently which leads to a flight date change or an unexpected itinerary change. Understanding that we have choices for guests when booking with us. You can choose to pay in advance with your Paypal or credit card or you can pay in cash later after the tour finish. You don’t need to deposit the tour in advance. But in case you book the tour with Saigon Kiss and want to cancel, just let us know so that we can inform our drivers. We would appreciate it if you cancel the tours at least 3 hours before the departure time.

Can you pick up us at our hotel?

Yes, on a daily basis, your drivers will show up in front of your hotel at the departure time of the tour or your customized time that you notify us.

98% of travelers stay in the city center (Districts 1, 3, 4) where we can easily offer free hotel pickup. If you stay at hotels in Districts 2, 5, 7, Binh Thanh, or Tan Binh District, a surcharge of 50,000 Dong or US $3 will be counted, directly payable to your drivers after the tour finishes. If you stay far away (in other provinces like Binh Duong or Nha Be), you can easily take a taxi to the Independence Palace and your drivers will wait for you there and then start the tour.

Your drivers join the meals with you for a friendly atmosphere, share the stories over dishes, and together taste the yummy authentic food.

Saigon Kiss Tours stands out with Excellence Certificate on Tripadvisor

Yes, we are happy to shout out loud that our great performance is recognized with this #Travler’sChoice.

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The bright young generation of Vietnam

Our old guests have turned out to be the best ambassadors for Saigon Kiss Tours when they keep introducing us to their friends.

It’s good to look back, understand, and embrace the country’s history of poverty and endless war. But here each of us also looks forward, and presents a bright image of Vietnam youth on the journey to global standards.

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