Saigon Evening Food Tour On Motorbike

Tour length: 4 hours (start at 5:30 pm or 6:00 pm) or other time if you request
Tour price: USD $59 ~ VND 1,440,000

What to expect?

Vietnamese food is very hot and trendy, and no wonder why since it offers a delicious variety of tastings. From salty, sweet, sour & hot flavors, the food combinations are endless!

Our Evening Food Tour by Scooters (a.k.a the Night Food Adventure) is a combination of a sightseeing ride through different districts of the city and a delicious mix of local dishes – a full dinner, a step into a food paradise in Ho Chi Minh City.

Giving your hotel name & address when booking the Motorbike Food Tour with Saigon Kiss means that your expert riders will show up at 5:30 PM at your place to start this tasty journey. And don’t be disappointed when we say that no boy driver for you as we are 100% female drivers, #GirlPower team. Here we take pride in empowering women, teaching local girls to represent the bright image of the country’s young generation, and being the cultural ambassadors, of course, you will see that we are experts in navigating the traffic of Saigon.

Saigon motorbike food tour in Ho Chi Minh citySaigon motorbike food tour with #GirlPower drivers

What did travelers say?


Ana has been an amazing guide and she was very knowledgeable about everything! She made me feel at ease and I am very happy to have gotten a chance to meet her on this epic adventure! Plus, the food selection is great. I’m glad that I chose this food tour when visiting Ho Chi Minh city.

This food tour on motorbikes was one of our favorite things we did in Saigon! They have the evening sight-seeing tour and the food tour, and we booked the evening food tour because we both love food. It was an awesome way to taste some local street food and see some sights, including a local secret spot. We also wanted to experience the crazy traffic on a scooter but hesitated to rent one even though my friend and I both ride motorcycles in the states, so this tour was a perfect way to do this.

Lucy & Kieu were awesome guides with excellent driving skills so we felt very safe on the back of the motorbike and they spoke fluent English which made it easy to have a conversation, ask questions about Vietnam, the people and culture. The girls were very knowledgable and we enjoyed talking to them about many things, including their lives and future goals, so we felt like we made friends with a couple locals and wish them the best. We loved that this is an all girl company to promote women and give them opportunities to help them be successful. We highly recommend this tour for many reasons!

My husband and I fortunately to the advise of fellow travelers who recommended this food tour by motorbikes to us, we fitted in on our last night in Ho Chi Minh city, and we got to see more and experience more in that one evening than perhaps the whole week. Jackie and Min were cheeky lovable funny girls, with just the right amount of commentary! We really enjoyed the food experiences and sharing with the locals and the crazy motorbike ride through some of the busiest streets in the world, the girls were very careful and adapt at riding. They were quick to enjoy a genuine laugh and we shared many hilarious moments! Thank you the girl drivers of Kiss Tours! You made our last night in your beautiful country memorable, also they took many photos which were in our email box when we got home, added service.

I booked a tour on the recommendation of a friend, and I’m so glad I did because out of a three week honeymoon to Thailand and Vietnam the Saigon Kiss Tours was one of the highlights of our entire trip! The food was incredible, varied, and you essentially get a full meal at each stop. They timed it perfectly by giving us just enough room between locations to work up a renewed appetite (and the tour as a whole was well organized). If your travel is driven by a desire to explore a place through its’ food this tour is definitely worthwhile for you, but what really stood out for me was the opportunity to speak with the women who give the tours and get a more intimate experience in local spots. The women were super friendly, engaging, genuine, and spoke excellent English. They took pictures of us to help document our experience and emailed them to me after, asked questions and planned in such a way as to meet our preferences and needs, and were excellent drivers (I never felt nervous or unsafe whatsoever).

As a tourist who doesn’t speak the local language, I know I am only scratching the surface of the place I am trying to get to know when I travel, and exchanging questions about each other’s home countries and learning about Vietnam from their perspectives let me deepen my understanding so much more. HIGHLY recommend!

David, our daughter Maria, our grandson Hunter and I had an amazing time with our Saigon Kiss Tours girls. We experienced life in Saigon, ate food we will never forget and enjoyed the fun and hospitality of our truely memorable friends and attractions. All this on the back of a motorcycle where we were perfectly safe. We paid in US dollar after they send us back to our hotel, I love how they give choices for customers to pay in advance or pay later.

If you want a genuine and real experience you must do this. Thanks again for offering us a great food tour in Ho Chi Minh. Love from Karen.

a female driver of motorbike food tour is wearing hemet for a young travelerDrivers are trained to work from hearts

Food menu:

This Motorbike Food Tour takes you out of the city center and covers different districts of the city. We don’t go to the places that you can easily access but go to the local areas and taste the most authentic dishes instead. In total, you will zip through the streets of Saigon on the back of the bikes and visit 3 local restaurants and one stop on the other side of the river for an amazing view.

#1: Local noddle soup (Banh Canh Cua or Bun Bo Hue)

#2: Vietnamese crepes (Banh Xeo & Banh Khot) or beef wrapped in betel leaves (Bo Cuon La Lop)

#3: BBQ or seafood, including Netflix mud creepers (Oc Len Xao Dua) & other exciting dishes

#4: Other secret food with a bit sense of adventure to excite you

#5: Desserts in Vietnamese style

#6: Local beverages & Saigon beers (for +18 yrs old guests)

#7: Dogmeat… Oops, just kidding. We love animals! Pets are to be loved.

Above is the menu for our motorbike food tour we designed with love, but it can also be customized if you tell us your preferences. If you are vegan, vegetarian, or traveling with dietary restrictions like no dairy, gluten-free, or allergic to shellfish, you are good in our hands. All you do is let us know when booking, we would love to customize the menu to serve you.


Below is the Motorbike Food Tour Saigon Kiss Girls did with a New Zealand family. We’re proud, yet humbled to accompany solo, couple, and family travelers from all over the world since we were founded. Our guests are Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. Unlike the other tour operators, here our tours are mostly private or in small groups as we treasure the sincere connection between the local guides and travelers. Click the “play” button below to see what your tour will be like.

Tour includes:

  • Accident Insurance;
  • Free hotel, Airbnb pickup & drop-off;
  • English-speaking drivers for each, motorbike, helmet, and fuel;
  • Unlimited Food, Beverages, and lots of fun.

Saigon Kiss Tours FAQs

What are the differences between the Motorbike Food Tour, Half Day City Tour & other tours?

Most Saigon Kiss Tours are half-day tours, which means all experiences are 3,5 to 4 hours. Choosing which experiences depends on your schedule.

We have the Half Day City Tour that you can choose to start in the morning (from 8:00 a.m., 8:30 a.m.) or in the afternoon (from 1 p.m.). This day trip goes beyond the tourist attractions and helps you feel the local lives, the real ones. We will visit different districts of the city, explore the hidden gems, and finish with a local meal. You can visit the popular landmarks in District 1 like Saigon Post Office, Cathedral, and Independence Palace on your own since it’s popular and close to each other. Understanding that, our day tour offers a more off-the-beaten-path experience. The tour can also be customized to fit your references if you tell us what you want.

For the evening, the highly requested experience is the Evening Food Food by Scooters. The female drivers greet you at 5:30 pm or 6:00 pm in front of your hotel or place with big smiles on their faces, and then the food hunting starts. Come hungry!

I have food allergy/restriction issues, can I do the Motorbike Food tour?

Yes, just notify us before the tour. We are happy to accommodate you. We provide the Vegan, Vegetarian Food Tour and also accommodate food requests like gluten-free, dairy-free, etc…

Is it safe to do the motorbike and scooter tour in Vietnam?

Well, we totally guarantee that. Before working for Saigon Kiss Tours, all female drivers must go through an interview, a motorbike driving test then strict training to make sure all of our girls are trustworthy drivers. The #GirlPower scooter riders share the meals with guests but will NOT assume alcohol. Guests can have local beers but not more than 2 bottles for safety on the streets.

Motorbike and Female Drivers in Blue Ao Dai Dress

Can I drive the motorbike by myself?

Sorry that you can not drive the vehicle by yourself. At Saigon Kiss Tours, we have private drivers for you, and all of them are licensed. Let us help you with driving because we’re local and we’re the experts in driving.

What if it rains?

The tours happen rain or shine. We’ve done many tours in the rain before. Beyond my expectation, our guests sent us feedback that doing the motorbike food tour with a little rain added a new experience they can see the city from totally new perspectives.

Saigon Kiss Tours’ drivers prepare the rain ponchos for you and they are the local experts in giving you the funniest local experience in different weather conditions.

Do I need to pay for the food & drinks myself?

No, our prices are all-inclusive prices, which means we pay for all fees including food & drinks. No surprise or hidden costs. Some companies set the initial prices low to attract customers and then collect surcharges. At Saigon Kiss Tours, we pay for all.

How can I pay?

You control the game with choices to pay in advance by card or pay in cash later after the tour finishes. We’re happy to receive payment in cash after the tour finishes. USD or VND are both okay with us. In case you want to pay cash on the tour date but don’t have enough cash, your drivers will help to take you to an ATM machine along the way for cash withdrawal. There are a lot of ATMs in the city which is very convenient for you and your drivers on the way back to your hotel.

Besides cash, we also accept cards for online payment.

Are your tours kid-friendly?

Yes, we have done many tours with kids or infants before. Our drivers are made aware that they will be driving a child ahead of time and we specifically place certain drivers with our children’s passengers. Children will have kid-sized helmets that fit them.

Here at Saigon Kiss Tours, our drivers genuinely love kids. If your child is over 7 years old he will need to ride with a driver by himself because of their size. Otherwise, he sits between you and your driver. The decision is up to you. Just let us know so that we can arrange the number of drivers for your family.

How many people do you host on a tour?

Our women’s team runs tours every day in the morning, afternoon, or evening. We don’t have a specific number of guests we host in a tour but rather keep the tour private or small group for a personal touch. If you see our photos where there is a big group, it’s the guests are friends or colleagues who know each other before the tour.

If you’re a family with kids, we will make your tour private. If you’re a couple and prefer a tour with only you and the guides, we will do that. If you’re a solo traveler, we can make your tour private or put you in a small group. If you have a group of friends, do let us know, we would love to make your tour private.

Why are all your drivers female?

Firstly, our company was founded by a local woman and we support women’s empowerment in Vietnam. We have recruited young Vietnamese women and trained them to work in tourism. Secondly, some travelers don’t feel comfortable as pillion riders with male drivers so our team is 100% female drivers for the most comfort for guests. Plus, women tend to care more and drive more slowly which is what we need.

Why do your drivers wear Ao Dai?

Ao Dai is the traditional dress of Vietnamese women. Through the tour, we want to introduce the beauty of Vietnamese culture to the world. It’s our pride.

How to book?

At Saigon Kiss Tours we try to make the booking process the most convenient for travelers. You can easily reserve the spots with the book button below. You can also call or text us via apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, etc… +84901006844 so that we can arrange the drivers instantly for you. Although booking early is advised, we still accept last-minute bookings if we still have spots.  The Motorbike Food Tour often starts at 5:30 pm, 6 pm from your hotel, Airbnb, or private house. But if you wish to start a bit later, it’s possible. We can also do the Food Tour in the morning or the afternoon if you’re not available in the evening.

Travelers and Female Tour Guide take photosLet’s have a photo before starting the tour

Having limited time in Ho Chi Minh but want to get the most experience of food & culture? Doing both the Motorbike Evening Food Tour & the Half Day City Tour will help you maximize the experience. It can be done on the same day or on different days. For the second booking with us, you will get 10% off for the next tours.

Please iMessage/WhatsApp +84901006844 or simply click the book button to reserve your spots.

Can I cancel the tour without a fee?

Life can be unpredictable and we understand that sometimes it’s necessary to change or delay your travel plans. With our hassle-free booking guarantee, you can book our tours safely with the knowledge that if you’re unable to travel, cancellation is totally free which gives you absolute confidence when booking.

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